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These are the 10 best stocks to consider investing in for 2022.

10 of the Best Stocks to Buy for 2022 It’s been a difficult time for stock prices. From August. 17 The S&P 500 is down 10.3 percent while it’s the Dow Jones Industrial Average is 6.5 percentage points lower, and the tech-focused Nasdaq has dropped 17.3 percent, all in spite of an upswing in recent months. Although a number of variables have contributed to the prolonged decline, including that of the Russian invading of Ukraine and the two consecutive quarters of negative GDP The biggest obstacle is rising inflation. The price of goods and services has been increasing every month, at a rate that hasn’t been seen in the past 40 years. As a result, the slow-moving Federal Reserve made several 75-basis point interest rate increases similar to those that aren’t seen in a long time. This is a look at what U.S. News’ picks for the top stocks to buy in 2022, which were announced in December 2021. Here’s how they’re doing in the current economic climate.

EOG Resources Inc. (ticker: EOG)

As 2022 approached, inflation had already become a major issue. The year-over year increase in the index of consumer prices for November 2021 was at an astronomical 6.8 percent. U.S. Natural gas and oil producer EOG Resources was chosen primarily to protect against the threat of continuing inflation. And it did not disappoint: In June, inflation reached 9.1 percent, the highest rate since 1981. As energy prices are becoming one of the main drivers of inflation during the year EOG stocks have seen a boost by dividends, and EOG’s stock is up 33.6 percent in 2022 to August. 17 making it the best performer of the top 10 stocks. As of the month, EOG disclosed second-quarter net earnings that increased by 146% year-over-year and announced the payment of a $1.50-per-share special dividend. It was its third special dividend announcement of the year.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SAB de CV (ASR)

The next one is a somewhat off the beaten path however, sometimes the best opportunities are. Mexican-based airport operator Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste is chosen as a theme-based pick with the intention of providing this particular group of stocks the chance to diversify their geographical portfolios while betting on the desire of travelers to return to travel. It’s been working out: including dividends the stock has risen 12.2 percent through August. 17. This is no surprise the total passenger volume during the second quarter increased 19.2 percent over second-quarter traffic in 2019. This is the same number of passengers ASR utilizes as a pre-pandemic time period to make accurate comparisons. With three flagship airports: Cancun, Mexico; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Medellin, Colombia, ASR reaps the benefits of growing demand across Latin America. Comparing to the same period in the past, passenger numbers are up 39.3 percent. ASR stocks are trading at a low price, and boasts an 3.6 percent dividend yield as well as an prospective cost-to-earnings (P/E) ratio that is 17.5.

Visa Inc. (V)

The increased demand for travel across the globe is an increasing tide which has raised the the giant credit card Visa that is outperforming the overall marketplace in 2022, despite its share price being more or less tumbling. In the fiscal third quarter of Visa’s fiscal the volume of travel across borders broke by levels of 2019 at the beginning of the year for the first time since pandemic was first discovered. The volume of transactions across borders is an important indicator for Visa as it earns more money per transaction that it makes on domestic swipes. The volume of transactions across borders increased 40% over the course of the year in the last quarter and contributed to 19% growth in revenue, and a 33 percent increase of profits per share. Through dividends and share buybacks, Visa also returned $3.3 billion to shareholders during the quarter.

Microsoft Corp. ( MSFT)

The most profitable firm on this list is $2.2 trillion. Large Tech giant Microsoft is the next on our list of top stocks to invest in for 2022. In spite of its massive size Microsoft has been growing consistently, with revenues increasing by to 12% during the last quarter. Microsoft offers a variety of digitally-focused products that are strong that include the popular Windows operating system as well as Microsoft Office productivity suite. The most recent developments in the past decade include its year-end 2016 $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn and the rise the cloud-based computing division Azure, which saw a 40% year-over year growth in revenue last quarter. Microsoft has a logical premium over the market, which is around thirty times the earnings. In an effort to increase its presence in the lucrative industry of video games, Microsoft announced a $69 billion deal to buy the video game maker Activision Blizzard Inc. ( ATVI) in January. If it is approved, this would be the biggest acquisition ever by Microsoft and would make Microsoft the third largest gaming firm.

Alphabet Inc. (GOOG, GOOGL)

Another major Big Tech firm on the list of 2022’s top stocks includes the Google’s $1.6 trillion company that is its parent, Alphabet. While shareholders are suffering declining year-to-date value of the stock however, the company itself continues prosper, with revenue increasing by 13% in the first quarter. The CEO Sundar Pichai touted strength in the flagship product of Alphabet’s search as well as the growth of Google Cloud, as driving performance. “The investments we’ve made over the years in AI and computing are helping to make our services particularly valuable for consumers, and highly effective for businesses of all sizes,” Pichai stated. In mid-July Alphabet went through the 20:1 dividend that made the ownership of shares in whole more affordable to the average investor. Like other decliners listed on this listing, GOOGL has been disproportionately affected by its status as a technology stock in an rising rate environment.

Lowe’s Cos. Inc. (LOW)

Lowe’s stock was included on the top list of stocks in 2022 due to its attempt to capitalize on the booming real estate market. A portion of the excitement in the market hasn’t been directly transferred into those pockets LOW shareholders, since the rapidly rising interest rates are beginning to dampen the optimism. The second quarter ended on a low note. Lowe’s reported revenues in the range of $27.5 billion, a decrease from $27.6 billion reported in the previous quarter. Management blamed a short spring selling season as a reason why demand was not as strong. The adjusted earnings per share increased 9.9 percent and beat analyst expectations, helped by a hefty share buyback which resulted in Lowe’s buy back $4 billion in shares. Long-term trends are firmly to the benefit of Lowe’s as the younger generation is gaining homes and the housing shortage in the country is a long-standing issue which will drive renovations. LOW stocks trade at 16 times the forward earnings.

ASML Holding NV ( ASML)

Although the highly valued Dutch semiconductor equipment maker ASML is being criticized along with other growth and tech stocks because of a more cautious approach and higher interest rates, the company is an exclusive one, unlike other company in the world. ASML is the only company worldwide to have an exclusive right in the field of extreme ultraviolet or EUV lithography equipment – huge, high-tech machines which make ever-smaller patterns onto the semiconductor wafers. This small, highly precise business has enabled ASML to achieve net margins that are 49%, a figure that even Apple Inc. ( AAPL) could envy. Because it is the company’s cash-flow cattle, ASML has been capable of increasing its dividend payout by more than four times in the past five years, while ensuring that it is sustainable. the payout ratio is lower than 40 percent. The company anticipates that sales will rise 10% in the coming year, however that figure is artificially lowered due to a delay in revenue recognition which is delayed until 2023.

Medifast Inc. (MED)

With $1.5 billion Medifast has the lowest value firm on the top stocks list. Medifast is a weight loss management company that has hundreds of thousands of sales representatives who are referred to as coaches advertising its meal plans and other products. MED stock is an all-in worth investment at the current price that pay an annual 4.6 percent dividend and trading at just under 10 times the value of its forward earnings. Medifast is consistently profitable and utilizes just 45 percent of its earnings to pay dividends despite increasing the amount of its dividend to 15% in the beginning of in the year. While consumer sentiment and inflation have had a negative impact on the results this year company managed to increase revenues by 15% in the last quarter.

Meta Platforms Inc. ( META)

Formerly called Facebook, Meta Platforms is another Big Tech name whose shares are struggled with the burden of higher interest rates as well as the change from growth stocks to value stocks. However, the company is also slowing down as well. In the second quarter of 2018, META recorded its first year-over year decrease in revenue for the quarter that fell by 1%. In addition, META is expecting a decrease during the 3rd quarter due to softer economic conditions and a decrease in advertising spending. In the meantime the company invests billions into its metaverse as a daring long-term investment that demands some short-term sacrifices in profit. Analysts anticipate 2023 to bring back the growth of earnings and revenue However, for the time being there aren’t any immediate catalysts apart from the possibility of a price floor bargain hunters can create by purchasing an Silicon Valley stalwart at less than 18 times the forward earnings.

Upstart Holdings Inc. ( UPST)

The last, and the least according to the year-to date performance, is Upstart the largest swing-for-the-fences choice among the top stocks to buy in 2022. Its aim will be nothing but complete disruption of the traditional credit scoring system, as demonstrated by scores such as Fair Isaac Corp.’s ( FICO) FICO system. To Upstart’s credit, its artificial-intelligence-powered system has shown an ability to predict default rates with far greater accuracy than the FICO score, according to the company. However, increasing rates and the possibility of a recession are affecting the lending market and, With Upstart recently stepping into an industry of holding loan rather than simply making them scoreable – the shift has been unwise. The stock may still be worth the price in the event that it stays focused on its core competencies and gains market share away from competitors like Fair Isaac, but further taking on the management of loans could result in unneeded risk.

The top stocks to buy in 2022 are:

  • EOG Resources Inc. ( EOG)
  • Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste SAB de CV (ASR)
  • Visa Inc. (V)
  • Microsoft Corp. ( MSFT)
  • Alphabet Inc. (GOOG, GOOGL)
  • Lowe’s Cos. Inc. (LOW)
  • ASML Holding NV ( ASML)
  • Medifast Inc. (MED)
  • Meta Platforms Inc. ( META)
  • Upstart Holdings Inc. ( UPST)

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