The human subconscious mind is a powerful thing and can help mankind in overcoming troubles. Dr. Murphy, the author of the book “Miracles of Your Mind’ asks and encourages people to harness the infinite power that is sleeping in the subconscious mind of a human.

The book is full of tips and techniques to achieve productive and fruitful results and attain health, happiness, wealth, harmony, and peace in life. The author stresses the power of imagination. This book is called the 2nd part of Josephy Murphy’s book Power of Subconscious Mind as well as his 2nd best book. The Miracles of Your Mind (Power of Subconscious) by Joseph Murphy Audiobook |

Book Summary in Hindi The book explains the theory based on the law of attraction, allowing readers to see life from a different angle and put efforts in a completely different way. Whether you want to be rich or be successful in life, attain advancement in professional life or fulfill a dream, putting in simple efforts can get you all. Explaining how these powers get active and work for or against you, Dr. Murphy tells the technique of awakening the wisdom and hidden inspiration. Learn the easy and simple techniques to make your subconscious mind work for you. Follow a few guidelines and see your life change positively. Read Miracles of your Mind and let happiness and prosperity step into your lives.