22 Magical Words Exactly What to Say by Phil M Jones Audiobook | Book Summary in Hindi

22 Magical Words from Exactly What to Say:

The Magic Words for Influence and Impact, written by Phil M Jones. Often the decision between a customer choosing you over someone like you is your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. Phil M. Jones has trained more than two million people across five continents and over 50 countries in the lost art of spoken communication.

In Exactly What to Say, he delivers the tactics you need to get more of what you want. Let’s face it, the success or failure of almost every human interaction is affected by the ability to choose the exact right words at the exact right time. Hard work, talent, and perfect timing can all have a great impact on your success, yet without the ability to steer a conversation and create an agreeable outcome so much effort is wasted. If you have ever found yourself lost for words, or have come away from a conversation without the result you are looking for, then the wisdom in this book delivers you both principles and exact examples to allow you to grow your confidence in conversation.