Indian stock market before and after COVID-19

Indian stock market before and after COVID-19, Indian economy is the fastest-growing economy in this world, Because of COVID-19, many companies were shut down because of lockdown. We have seen many changes in our surroundings. Effect of a COVID-19 the business started was not sustained because of COVID-19 and restriction.

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Before the COVID-19  Indian stock market, There has no growth in the medical sector Pharma sector before COVID-19 in the Indian stock market the medical sector stocks were not growing that much they all are at sustaining at the same label but due to covid stock market boost up due to all the farmer and medical sector factories grow up ghastly.

Indian stock market has seen a lot of things in past few years but never been goes down for an extended period due to a  COVID-19 all the factories and all other sectors were closed there were a no transportation economy was not well we were fighting for medicine grocery Many companies were shut down for 3-4 month Due to that there was a no growth in their company stock in one day they are falling 10% to 20% down because of COVID-19 due to that we have seen the chance of buying, and we have seen the many people are profitable and many were lost their money, after COVID-19 all company needs a boost up on normalization only come with when the peoples are got normal, but there was a competition of taking the vaccine and many peoples are in not in good mood taking tension.

 Indian stock market after covid we have seen a lot of company where close because of COVID-19All the stocks due to covid we have witnessed or effect which they were falling because of covid all the workers where migrated due to that company have no manpower And if there is no manpower, so the company will be not going to grow, All the labors which they are working earning money On the basis of the day.   They face a lot of difficulties, a lot of stress, and people lose their jobs because of COVID-19.

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